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If the pool pH is too low, then panic quickly breaks out, because often no one knows exactly how to proceed now and why the pH is too low.

First of all, it is rare for the pH value in the pool to be too low. If the pH pool is too low, it usually has specific reasons.

Only foreign particles and pool rainwater can cause the pH value to drop rapidly. In such cases, there are ways to be able to increase the pool pH. If the ph pool is too high, then you can lower it in 3 simple steps.

Rainwater quickly provides a low pH. This is due to the fact that rainwater in Germany has a pH value of 5.6 to 5.8 and thus belongs to the acidic range. So if your pool is not covered with a pool cover, then every time it rains, rainwater will run into the pool.

Of course, whether this significantly changes the pH value also depends primarily on how much it rains and how acidic the rain has actually become. Since rain is not “clean” either, rainwater should generally be prevented from running into the pool. Foreign particles also quickly end up in the pool, these can be dead insects or animals, but also dirt particles caused by bathing. Therefore, the pool should be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of foreign particles.

Then why increase the pH in the pool?

Too low a pH level in the pool can lead to big trouble. This is especially true for those people who want to swim and bathe in the pool. A pH value that is too low quickly leads to irritation of the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Not everyone reacts immediately to a low pH, but serious irritation may very well occur.

But too low a pH value also affects the entire pool. In the long run, the substance of the pool is attacked and used swimming accessories are also attacked. When expensive pool accessories break, it’s especially annoying!

For these reasons, too low a pH value in the pool should be avoided.

Pool pH increase

There are several possible actions you can take to raise the pH. For this, a step-by-step guide is particularly important to consider all aspects.

Step 1: Determine pool pH

The first step is to find out if the pH in your pool is too low or not. Only then is it necessary to want to increase the pH pool. In turn, too high a pH value is also not desirable.

There are several ways to determine the pH value. There are special readers for the pool, some of which are already installed in the filter system, and they keep taking measurements without you having to worry about them.

However, this equipment is often very expensive. A cheaper method is pool water test strips, which you can use to determine pH in all sorts of situations. These are also suitable for the pool and you can find out within a few seconds if the pool pH is too low. This method is somewhat less accurate, but it serves its purpose just as well.

To determine the pH, simply hold the test strip in the water and wait a few seconds. Then take it out of the water and again wait a few seconds. Then you can match the pH value from the color with a table. Find the color that matches the most. Then you have successfully determined the pH value.

Step 2: Calculate required amount of pH-Plus granules

To be able to increase the pH pool, a granulate is needed, which in turn increases the pH. In order to then not arrive at a pH value that is too high, the required amount must be determined exactly.

For this, the capacity of your pool is needed. In the best case, you know the volume and therefore how many liters of water are in your pool. If not, then you have to calculate the volume yourself:

  • Round pool: diameter x diameter x average depth x 0.78
  • Rectangular pool: length x width x average depth
  • Oval pool: length x width x average depth X 0.89

If your pool has a different shape, you must try to divide it into sections and then calculate the shape. For the depth you should specify a value as exact as possible

If your pool does not have a uniform depth, then you should take the average value. If you want to increase the pH value by 0.2, then you need to add 4.5 g pH Plus granules to the water per 1000 liters of water volume. So, depending on what is crucial in your current case, you still have to convert the amount.

Step 3: Add pH-Plus granules to the water

Then the calculated amount of granules must be added to the water. For this, there should be as much movement in the water as possible. For this purpose, it is convenient to turn on the pool filter. You should also distribute the granules from the water in as many places as possible.
In this way, you ensure that the pool pH can be increased and the water changes evenly.

Can you increase the pool pH with home remedies?

If you don’t want to use granules, then there is also the option of using washing soda to bring the pH back up. Attention: Here, too, you must calculate the required amount beforehand. The best thing you can do is follow the package directions.

The rest of the procedure does not differ. The washing soda you can easily buy in various specialty stores. The mode of operation to increase the pH pool is the same and is just as beneficial as the granules.


Maintaining a pool can certainly take time and cost. Especially when it comes to pH, some precautions should therefore be taken. If the pool pH is too low, immediate action should be taken to prevent worse.

To avoid problems in the first place, you should use a pool cover and also take regular measurements, especially if children are using the pool. If irritation suddenly occurs after a round in the pool, you should immediately measure whether the pH level is too low.

Just in case, you should always have granules at home to be able to increase the pH value again directly. As I said, it is fortunately rather rare that the pH value in the pool is too low.

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