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Useful advice on proper maintenance, cleaning and care of the fishing reel:

To enjoy his fishing rod for a long time, regular maintenance is important.

Looking for the right fishing reel? How about a baitcast reel, fly reel or long casting reel?

Fishing reel, a line depot necessary for casting fishing line and reeling in fish, requires regular cleaning and care. Because if it does not run smoothly, fishing can become a pain. The be-all and end-all after cleaning is the right oil.

In this guide we explain step by step how to oil a fishing reel. But why is that even necessary?

Why do you need to oil a fishing reel?

On the one hand, dirt and the stress on the moving parts in the fishing rod abrade the smallest metal particles.

They get into the reel grease and thus the individual parts in the fishing reel wear out very quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly grease and oil the fishing reel.

Fishing at the sea is different. The salt water attacks metal and decomposes it. Oil or grease is drawn like a film over the individual fragments and prevents the aggressive salt particles from reaching the metal parts over a certain period of time.

This barrier prevents corrosion in and on the fishing reel.

How can you tell that you need to grease the fishing reel?

As a rule, you notice that the fishing reel runs heavier. Also, a scratchy sound can be an indication that you need to oil the fishing reel. Most experienced anglers will notice very quickly if the fishing reel is not running smoothly.

Therefore, in the following we will devote ourselves to the necessary steps when oiling a fishing rod.

Oil or grease a fishing reel (step-by-step instructions).

Always use grease and oil products from fishing supplies to oil the fishing reel. Other products are often too aggressive and can attack plastic parts, preventing them from functioning and even damaging them.

For cleaning and maintenance of the fishing reel you need the following tools:

  • various screwdrivers(cross, slot, torx)
  • Socket wrench set(for stationary rollers for loosening the rotor screw)
  • Allen wrench set(inch and metric)
  • Various tweezers
  • Bristle brush(for applying grease)
  • Grease gun(for filling small ball bearings)
  • Kitchen roll and cotton swab
  • soft toothbrush
  • waterproof pen

Step #1: Disassemble the fishing reel

  1. Remove the crank and bobbin from the bracket arm.
  2. Now the rotor is pulled out by removing the safety clasp or the safety bolt. All axis parts are arranged in the correct order so that no problems occur during assembly.
    After removing the rotor screws, you can see the gearbox. Here, too, all parts are removed.
    The rollers are exposed to heavy use, so after some time grooves grind into the metal. To ensure that the roller runs smoothly again later, it is advantageous to mark the point at which the drive wheel and the axle worm interlock and to reassemble them in exactly the same way.
  3. If the crank knob is sluggish, it too is disassembled, cleaned and lubricated with a drop of oil.
  4. Now for the cleaning of the ironing arm.
    If the line roller is dirty, remove the ball bearing and clean it with a cotton swab. The remaining part of the bracket arm should not be disassembled, as more harm than good will result(springs can be damaged). If contamination requires cleaning, simply rinse with warm water.

Step #2: Clean fishing reel

Various cleaning agents are used for cleaning. Some people swear by brake cleaner, others by washing-up liquid. Only this much is certain, all parts must be cleaned individually. In case of heavy soiling, it is sometimes necessary to soak the fragments overnight. Then dry well.

  • To open the ball bearings you need special tools and cleaners. The cleaners are available in specialized stores for model making.
  • Unopened ball bearings are blown through with a dispenser on the cleaner and thus freed from contamination without leaving any residue. After that, the running of the ball bearing is tested for function using a ball bearing tester. A well-greased ball bearing rotates continuously and makes a whirring sound.

Step #3: Grease and oil fishing reel

The ball bearing of the line roller gets a drop of oil. This ensures that it runs particularly smoothly.

Unopened ball bearings can be lubricated using a grease brake (Bearing Greaser). Alternatively, you can put grease in a small bowl and press the ball bearing in firmly with your fingers.

Now grease the remaining immovable and movable parts with a brush. Then assemble in order.

The fishing reel should be serviced every six months, but immediately after contact with salt water or other contamination.

Where can I find the right oil and grease for a fishing reel?

Not all oil is the same. The fishing reel is subjected to a lot of stress, is exposed to strong temperature differences and comes into contact with a wide variety of physical substances.

To enjoy his fishing reel for a long time, it is of the utmost importance to use the right oil and grease. These are available directly through specialized retailers for fishing supplies or through online stores.


To enjoy the fishing reel for a long time, it is not only relevant to maintain it regularly, and at the right time. It is also of particular concern to use the right fats and oils.

Only special products designed for the fishing reel, ensure its absolute protection and thus its longevity.

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Die Redaktion von Wellenliebe.de besteht aus echten Wassersport-Fans. Von Kajakfahrern, über Segler und Taucher bis Stand Up Paddler sind (fast) alle Wassersportarten vertreten. Unsere Inhalte wurden schon millionenfach gelesen und in vielen Zeitungen aufgegriffen.

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