About us

Do you know it?

When researching SUPs, kayaks, and pool issues online, you spend hours clicking through blog posts, manufacturer’s site, forum posts, and customer reviews and still end up not knowing what to do or buy.

We asked ourselves why there isn’t a site that clearly presents all the important information about water sports, tests the most important products close to everyday life, and gives independent and honest buying recommendations.

Because there was no such offer yet, we started Wellenliebe.

Our editors do the work. We research, test and compare what we can to present you the best water sports equipment in our best lists. Of course, we also clearly and understandably explain everything you need to know before buying.


How do your ratings come about?

Our editors thoroughly study the products they write about. We research, read third-party reviews, customer ratings and buyer’s guides to familiarize ourselves with each product category and product.

The ratings and test results are based on everyday tests. We do not rely on inscrutable algorithms just to convert ostensibly objective individual scores into an overall result.

Instead, we decide holistically by testing and evaluating the product with all its properties in the actual application.

Isn’t the best product always the most expensive?

No, our seal for the best product is given to the product with the best price-performance ratio.

In many, but not all cases, there are more expensive products that can do more. However, the more than functions are often not worth the extra charge in our opinion.

However, if you want to invest more in a product, we certainly won’t stop you. In some tests, we also designate a particular product as a “premium choice” that costs more than our test winner, but can also do more.

For those who like to save money, we also offer the “Spartipp” seal, which marks a particularly inexpensive and at the same time good product.

How do you finance yourselves?

We finance ourselves through advertisements and so-called affiliate links to Amazon and many other online stores. If you buy a product on Amazon or another store through the links on our site, we receive a small commission.

Of course, the purchase price does not change for you. The commissions help us to pay the running costs of the website and especially the salaries. You’ll help ensure that we can continue to provide well-researched and independent buying advice.

In the future, we want to invest even more in more elaborate projects, such as our own research in the form of e-books. If you have ideas for exciting topics or would like to collaborate on such a project, please feel free to contact us.

Doesn’t the affiliate links create a conflict of interest?

No, because we only earn something if you are really satisfied with the products. If you return the item because it does not meet your requirements, we will not receive any commission.

Importantly, never the editors themselves receive commission for the products they test. We also test and recommend products that are not available online at all, or from online stores with which we do not have an affiliate agreement.

Does Wellenliebe sell products directly?

No, Wellenliebe does not sell products. We are just a team of enthusiasts who write informative and high quality articles. Our mission is to help you make the right buying decision.

Is it safe to buy the recommended products through your website?

Yes, we work exclusively with trusted and secure online stores that meet minimum standards and have not been active for a short time.

Why is X product or X product category missing from your website?

If you miss a product category or product, write to us.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us on social media or just reach us here through our website.


Our team is made up of permanent team members, freelance specialist editors and experts who assist us with research.

Maximilian Kuch

Max is an avid stand up paddler and runs the SUP blog stand-up-paddling.org. He has already tested dozens of SUP boards and written even more blog posts about Stand Up Paddling. At Wellenliebe he is responsible for SUP.

Björn Eldracher

Björn Eldracher is a true adventurer with a passion for long-distance travel, off-road travel, off-road vehicles and enduros, expeditions, camping and all kinds of outdoor activities. He also photographs and documents what he experiences on his own outdoor blog el-dracho.de shares.

Jo von Bahls

Graduate editor. Author of travel guides. For many years as a regatta sailor and surfer nationally and internationally at the start. Coach and instructor licenses for dinghy, cat and surf. Instructor for SBF Binnen and SBF See. Motto: A day without a lake – is not a good day.

Daniel Ritter

Daniel is sporty when it comes to his lyrics. He is particularly fond of wakeboarding. Here he shows that he is a man of all trades.

Sandy Ring

Sandy loves spending time outdoors. When studies allow, she goes swimming weekly. Sandy likes stand up paddling and is eager to try surfing.

Helene Köhler

Helene is on the road with the Canadian every summer, mostly in the Berlin countryside. She likes water in all forms, especially as a river, lake or sea, and enjoys the many different ways to move on and in it. She has just discovered stand up paddling for herself.

Boris Betram

Trained as a library assistant, then graduated from high school, then studied audiovisual media. Likes to watch movies, write lyrics, edit videos. Still likes free time, sun and music. Likes to go to festivals, often hangs out with friends. Motto: When I see the lake, I no longer need the sea.

Work with us

If you would like to collaborate on this and other of our projects, just drop us a line!

We are looking forward to freelance editors and experts who want to help. Of course we list all helpers as team members here on this website.

We also offer permanent positions. Check out the open positions now.